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A full service Speakers Bureau and training firm – and custom designers and builders of organizational and individual speaker programs. We formulate strategic campaigns to propel companies taking their messages out to key audiences and help refine both personal and organizational messaging and presentation styles.
From there we utilize a "matchmaking" approach to place speakers in front of their ideal target audiences at conferences, media events and corporate gatherings. We use a unique alliance building process to fit you into the conversation with the right people, influencers, and potential clients that need to know your original point of view.
We’ve placed our clients in venues ranging from Forbes, Business Week, PC Forum, DEMO, Red Herring, Internet World, COMDEX, and the Harvard Business Review to intimate local settings such as the Churchill Club, Commonwealth Club, and Academic and Community forums.Working directly with conference producers and meeting planners, we seek highly effective strategic placements to optimize the time of key speakers while leveraging the greatest visibility possible and providing memorable solution-based information to audiences.
A central part of our work is speaker training and coaching. Our specialty is helping key personnel within an organization to develop their natural speaking style and to evolve that personal presence into a cohesive message integrating both the organization and the individual.
TechTalk / Studio will work with you directly to focus both on individual delivery skill strengths and corresponding challenges, in order to help you integrate your natural style into communicating your organization's key messages. Our customized program will provide you with a well-rounded set of skills to deliver powerful presentations that inspire audiences and will give you sustainable tools to connect with your audience before, during and after your presentation.